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16. února 2019  
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eBook čtečka eB-700

Zařízení eBook 700 je čtečka elektronických knih s plnou podporou českého jazyka a desítky nejpoužívanějších formátů elektronických knih, hudby a videa za nejnižší cenu na trhu! K dostání je v černé a bílé barvě.

Cena: 1994 Kč vč. DPH

Sluchátka pro Samsung Galaxy S II

Nová sluchátka pro váš skvělý moderní smartphone Samsung Galaxy i9100. Super cena!

Cena: 99 Kč vč. DPH

R4i SDHC White Dual Core pro DS/3DS

Rozšiřující karta pro herní konzole Nintendo DS / DS Lite / 3DS apod., která vám umožní přehrávat počítačové hry stažené z internetu.

Cena: 348 Kč

Nabíjecí Touchstone sada pro Palm Pré

Třídílná Touchstone sada pro smartphone HP / Palm Pré / Pixy obsahující touchstone nabíječku, síťový adaptér s redukcí pro české zásuvky a microUSB kabel pro propojení.

Cena: 782 Kč

Sluchátka Sony Ericsson HPM-70

Handsfree sluchátka pro mobilní telefony Sony Ericsson za super cenu!

Cena: 114 Kč vč. DPH

Vyhřívané USB rukavice

Přemýšlíte nad vhodným dárkem pro chladné období? Vyhřívané USB rukavice jistě potěší a jedno zda to bude na začátku zimy, nebo na jejím konci! STOP prokřelým prstům!

Cena: 363 Kč vč. DPH

TTX Audio FM vysílač do auta

Poslouchejte hudbu ze svého PDA, smartphonu nebo MP3 přehrávače v rádiu!

- 7 kanálů
- Dosah přenosu: 5m
- Výhodná nízká cena!

Cena: 240 Kč vč. DPH

ScreenWard Protector pro iPhone 3G

Ochranná fólie ScreenWard společnosti ADPO patří mezi jedny z nejlepších fólií pro PDA, které můžete svému PDA nebo smartphonu dopřát.

Cena: 101 Kč

Ochranná fólie PrivacyWard pro Pocket PC 2.8"

Speciální bezpečnostní a ochranná fólie. Chraňte displej svého PDA a zároveň chraňte jeho obsah. Super cena!

Cena: 58 Kč

Pro všechna Windows Mobile PDA s 2,8" displejem.

Nabíječka do auta pro Treo 750/650

Malá, lehká, skladná, levná a tedy vždy po ruce.

Cena: 153 Kč

Matná ScreenWard fólie pro Treo 680

Ochranná fólie ScreenWard od společnosti ADPO patří mezi jedny z nejlepších fólií pro PDA, které můžete svému PDA dopřát. Nyní za bezkonkuenční cenu!

Cena: 58 Kč

Navštivte - e-shop s výpočetní technikou - počítače,Notebooky, PDA příslušenství (Palm, Pocket PC, iPhone), Software, Hry (STEAM KEYS



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ADPO ScreenWard folie

Forum o vsem, co se tyka PDA a dalsich mobilnich zarizeni.
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Jason Giambi knows his future is back in

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Autor Zpráva
Pokrocily uzivatel
Pokrocily uzivatel

Registrace: 26.7. 2017
Příspěvky: 77

PříspěvekZaslal: st 26. prosinec, 2018 8:42    Předmět: Jason Giambi knows his future is back in Citovat

NEW YORK The only team Jason Giambi has any desire to coach right now is his sons tee-ball squad, but he envisions moving up a few levels down the road.After spending a 20-year career with the Athletics, Yankees, Rockies and Indians, the former first baseman has enjoyed family life in Las Vegas since retiring following the 2014 season. With three kids ages 1 to 6, Giambi is in no rush to get back in the game. Yet he acknowledges he has managerial aspirations and those that know him are confident he can do the job.I played 20 years in the game, Giambi said, speaking at Yankees Old-Timers Day. I played for some of the most incredible managers in Tony La Ru sa and Joe Torre, Terry Francona. Ive seen a lot of incredible things. Ive learned a lot in this game and it would be a shame not to pa s it on.MORE: The 15 worst free-agent signings of all time A Yankee makes the list Giambi almost dove head first into the skippers office, interviewing for the Rockies job after the 2012 season. Colorado ultimately hired Walt Wei s, instead offering Giambi the position of hitting coach. Giambi opted to continue his playing career, though, joining the Indians for two seasons before wrapping it up.While he didnt get the job, Giambi said the interview proce s with Colorado was informative. He was able to learn what kind of bo s he would be. Hes sees himself a players manager, someone with a Francona-esque Wade Boggs 1992 Cooperstown Collection Navy Jersey approach.In Colorado and Cleveland, Giambi earned a reputation as a mentor toward the end of his career.Hes a brilliant baseball mind that a lot of people dont truly appreciate, John Flaherty, a teammate in New York, told Sporting News. Everyone remembers Jason as a slugger who hit all those home runs, but if you talk baseball with him, he knows the game as good as anyone Ive been around. The way he relates to people, especially young players, hed be a perfect fit.G was intense. Always positive. He was a great, great teammate to be around, added Andy Pettitte, who stre sed communication is a managers top priority these days. He was just wonderful to be around.In addition to his personality and baseball smarts, Giambi could also bring some varied life experience to a clubhouse.A lot went right during his career he played in 45 playoff games, joined the 400-home run club and signed a mega-contract with the Yankees. But there were also plenty of downs; atumor ruined his 2004 season and he was later revealed to be one of the faces of the PED era. Outed in the BALCO scandal, he made a public apology for his steroid use before the 2005 season, though his words were far from specific.MORE: MLB Draft mistakes Every teams's most painful regret While some could view Giambis past mistakes as a detriment to his future managerial candidacy, others feel its a plus that his rsumsports a few blemishes.G has done things in his life, but hes come clean, man, Nick Swisher, who played with Giambi in Cleveland, told Sporting News. People respect that.For a guy thats been able to go through all of that and to come out on the other side with a smile on his face he did it right. He didnt hide behind anything. He stood up, took it on the chin and moved on. In a town like [New York], or America in general, people are willing to forgive.Giambi declined to get into specifics when asked if he thought his imperfect past could hurt or help his chances.One thing he is sure about, however, is that numbers wont get in the way. Data plays a Dustin Pedroia Jerseys pivotal role in a managers day-to-day job, but Giambi isnt worried. A member of the Athletics from 1995 to 2001, he got a le son in analytics from anoriginal master.I came from Moneyball, so I know all about analytics. I am Moneyball, Giambi said laughing. I was the ultimate player when it came to that. It worked with Billy Beane. Theres a general manager that was all about it. So definitely,I know about J.D. Martinez Jersey it, its a big part of the game and this is the way its going.Another non-i sue for Giambi is experience.He doesnt have any at the profe sional level, but its hard to see that working against him given the recent wave of novice hires. Experience didnt hurt Giambis case in Colorado, and it doesnt seem to be something teams are too concerned about now.Hes a baseball lifer. He loves the game, Lou Piniella, a manger for 23 years, said, excusing Giambis lack of formal training. Hes been around some really good managers and some really good coaches. Im sure hes learned a lot.MORE: Lou Piniella'embarra sed' byvideo of umpire arguments Im sure if its something he really wants to do, hell probably have some opportunities to go interview for some things, said Yankees manager Aaron Boone, a recent inexperienced hire.Giambi wants to get back into the game officially just not yet. Hes done some spring training work with the Indians and he said the Yankees asked him about a job in the organization over the offseason, but he wasnt quite ready to get his feet wet.He doesnt have a timetable in mind for his return to baseball, but he wants to wait until his kids are better-suited to handle any potential move, as well as the grind that comes with being part of or running a team.For now, hes perfectly happy at home. Later on in life, though? Well, thats a different story.Someday Ill get back in the game, Giambi said, no doubt about it.
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Novacek ve foru
Novacek ve foru

Registrace: 8.9. 2016
Příspěvky: 7

PříspěvekZaslal: út 29. leden, 2019 16:52    Předmět: Citovat

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